Friday, March 14, 2008

Four Things

I have been tagged by Pebbledash to do a four thing meme, so without too much preamble, here goes:

Four Movies I'd Watch again
As it is in Heaven
Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensability
The Red Violin

Four Places I've Lived
Sandwich, Kent UK
Cowden, Kent UK
Wakatu, Stoke, Nelson
Wakapuaka, Nelson

Four TV shows I watch
Sunday Masterpiece Theatre
TV One News
Doc Martin
60 Minutes

Four Places I've Been
Florence, Italy
Loumarin, France
Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Limerick, Ireland

Four People I email
These are all my children, except Tristan who doesn't have a computer
I email friends of course, and family overseas.

Four Things I Love to eat
Cheese and crackers
Raspberries and Strawberries

Four Places I'd Rather Be
Moenui Bay, Marlborough Sounds, NZ
Edinburgh, Scotland
Keri Keri, Bay of Islands, NZ
San Gimignano,Italy

Four Things to look Forward To
Our trip to Norway to visit Melissa and Tom and the children in June
My Mum's eightieth birthday on the 1st November ( a huge milestone for her, having survived massive brain surgery thirty years ago)
The day I put the last stitch in the Arisaig !!!! ( See previous posts)
A wool embroidery and applique workshop I am going to in April with friends, staying at Moenui.

Four People to Tap
Miss Flossy

So there you have it...I have left out forty or four hundred other "things", and when I read it back to myself, I thought it sounded quite boring...truthful, but boring!

Yesterday I made a new friend. A fellow quilter from Chicago. We spent the whole day together and talked non-stop, Mary Jo is definitely my kindred spirit. I took her to visit the local quilt shops and we found ourselves at The Quilters Barn in Blenheim for afternoon tea..I had to snap this

as I am so "into all things Kaffe Fassett " right now. It was hanging on display in the shop as they are in the middle of a class teaching the Kaffe Fassett technique which is all about colour, colour and more colour. They are going to be stocking a rather large range of his fabrics next month., but at the moment for the current class, students are using what they have in their own stashes of fabric.

I don't know why I love his style so much.The quilts that I have made using these bright and bold prints are ones that I give away each time, because I live in an old, newly renovated farmhouse and even though I have a lot of colour in the house, I know that the finished quilts don't really suit my style of interior design, but I am so drawn to the fabrics especially the large florals.I guess if the quilts could just hang around in my garden all year, they would be very comfortable there. Meanwhile I am just enjoying this rather obsessive phase with KF.

Thank you Mary Jo for a very memorable day.


Little Miss Flossy said...

Not boring at all :-) I love the Kaffe quilts too, so joyful.

kimberlee said...

nice to learn more about you

we have the cheese and crackers thing in common :)

pebbledash said...

Thanks, Sally Ann, that wasn't boring either! Love those quilts. Dx

Blogger said...

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