Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mystical and magical

My eldest granddaughter loves unicorns and on Sunday she will be six years old.

What a delightful age this is, when you are six and the belief in unicorns is strong, when fairies live at the bottom of the garden and toadstools are magical habitats for elves.

Being the eldest granddaughter E gets to be the first to have special treats with her grandmother, and tomorrow we are off on a plane trip to Wellington, to stay the night in a posh hotel and to visit Aunty Sarah and have other adventures. I wish it was a magic carpet we were flying instead of a plane, but I am sure our imaginations will give us the same thrill.

E will be arriving any minute and I am in a state of huge excitement, her mummy is taking her out of school and coming with her two sisters, and I have baked some scones in readiness.

They are the very easy ones that are made with 4 cups of self raising flour, 300 mls of cream and a small can of lemonade. I didn't have any dates so I had to make do with some cranberries and raz cherries, but they are equally good with cheese, if you wanted a savoury scone mix. Bake at 200 for about 20 mins and there you have it.

I love a trip to Wellington and it will bring back memories of E's first couple of years there, when both her parents were at university and coping with study, classes, and a rather gorgeous infant with huge blue eyes

I didn't have a very good camera in those days, but even with a dodgy digital she is still very cute.

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Anonymous said...

good to see you got away okay !!
Hope you two have fun
say hi to esmae and sarah for me!!

love Zander