Monday, March 10, 2008

The Elegant Giraffe

I have just spent a very busy two days in the capital with my eldest granddaughter and my youngest daughter .

Our first visit was to TePapa where there was so much to see of our natural world here in New Zealand. Lots of animals, birds, insects and fossils. I am not sure how much Esmae took in of it all, at times she was a little overwhelmed by the hugeness of some of the displays, and sometimes she was quite hard to keep up with, as in running from one display to the next and becoming lost for a few seconds amongst the groups of school children!
There was a couple of levels that we didn't see....the art and sculpture. I think another visit one day on my own to browse through would be lovely.

We spent a lot of time on the buses, which E and I enjoyed immensely, as we don't use the bus service here in our home town at all.

The next day we spent some time at Wellington Zoo.

These beautiful creatures were definitely our favorite .

It was great to see all these special animals, but it made us feel very sad when we saw how confined they all were, and I had forgotten how much I dislike zoos.

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pebbledash said...

You've been busy out and about! I'm not a fan of zoos either.Sorry you didn't win in the Choosing Eden draw. Just to make up for it, I've tagged you for the 4 things meme! Diana x