Monday, March 31, 2008

Peter and the Wolf

I play the violin in our local Symphony Orchestra, and on Saturday along with the Youth Theatre we performed three shows of the wonderful classic Peter and the Wolf. This link is the clay animation version on youtube.I wish I could bring you our performance on youtube, but it's not available yet :)
This was such fun to do and the little tunes have been playing in my head for the last month or so....very catchy.
Ian took some of our grandaughters and our little Eve, who stayed for the weekend keeps talking about the "Big Bad Wolf !"
The puppets were very lifelike and manipulated on the stage by the puppeteers from the youth theatre (who were dressed from head to toe in black, so were barely noticed when the show was on) with the clever lighting.

Each show was packed full and it was wonderful to see the faces of the children as they were watching and listening...magic!

A friend who has played with me in the orchestra for many years, brought these to rehearsal the other night. She had found them at a car boot sale and knew they would be filled with treasure for me!

I am certainly thinking about making a pair of the mittens...just don't know when it will be, maybe when we visit Norway in June, it might be nice to have a pair on the needles.


kimberlee said...

i really liked peter and the wolf when I was a kid. sounds like good fun! link us when it is up on youtube :)

Melissa said...

i loved peter and the wolf too! glad you had fun- wish a and k could have gone along!
those books look wonderful. you'll definitely need a knitting project while you're visiting us here:)

lekki said...

Hi, the bonus with knitting fairisle type knitting on mittens is that you get a lovely thick, warm doubled fabric from all the threads on the inside. I think they'd be perfect for the cold :)

Kate said...

Just found your blog via Ravelry!
I took my 7 year old son to see your performance of Peter and the Wolf and we both LOVED it! It brought back heaps of childhood memories for me :) He was pretty scared of the wolf to start with as he said it looked so real! It was a great show and we thoroughly enjoyed it - everyone else around us in the audience was saying such positive things too. Thank you :)

Kate (Knitapotamus)