Thursday, March 20, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

This is definitely a week for for the start and finish line.

I have finished Alexander's woven blanket and I like it so much that I am going to make another one just the same.....grhhh. I don't REALLY want to because this one was a bit of a mission to make and was a teeny wee bit boring in the end to do, BUT having said that, it does look absolutely perfect on my sofa. Of course it goes so well with the one I wove on the other sofa!

I washed Alexander's blanket in a special merino woolwash and hung it out on this gorgeous Autumn morning
It is now incredibly soft . I wish you could all have a feel of how soft it is, perfect to wrap yourself into on a cold winter's night!.The yarns I always use for these blankets are Touch Yarns and they are truly luxurious yarns. It is Alexander's birthday on April 1st, and I have toyed with the idea of sending something else in it's place and writing a birthday message of "Ha April Fool!!"
No, I couldn't be that mean, :)
So, I am about to visit the shop where I buy these yarns and ( sigh) start the process all over again.


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A beautiful blanket - what lucky children you have.