Monday, September 3, 2007

Beautiful Cashmere

I believe it is called startitis. I woke with it quite early in the morning yesterday and it plagued me all day. The sun was shining and the garden was beckoning, but the startitis had a firm grip and I found myself feverishly looking through my collection of Spin Off and Interweave Knits magazines until the compulsion abated when I was able to start this:

Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A Clark , from Interweave Knits Fall 2006 and I am using my lovely Addi circular needles size 3.50. What a blissed out night, knitting this and watching Emma on TV.

The wool that I am using for the shawl is something very special that I also purchased from knit1london....100% cashmere from Devon Fine Fibres , this is the softest wool I have ever had the pleasure of knitting, it is exquisite !

Earlier in the day when the startitis was at it's most urgent I spent a comfy hour curled up on the window seat feeling a guilty pleasure as I started the first stitching on this from Bothy Threads ...a William Morris design that I bought from a gorgeous litttle shop in Edinburgh.

Bothy : a hut or cottage in which labourers lodge together.

Today I am happy to say that I am now back to normal and plan on finishing this for my favorite grandson ( yes, I can say favorite because he is our only grandson, all the other grandies are little girls !)


tamsin said...

Hi Mum,
Good to read up on what you've been doing. The colours for Sarah's blanket are really cool! Glad you had fun on the horse trek. Did S like it? Love the embroidery. Have you thought of a place where you will hang it?
Hope you had a good day.
We had a wonderful visit with Zander.
Love, Tamsin

Rhiannon said...

Hello Sally-Nan (hehe)!
It's Rhiannon, I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but I'm Melissas's friend who used to live in Nelson : )
Just thought I'd say hello and welcome to blog land! Look forward to reading all about your projects, I always loved ohing and aahing over the beautiful, beautiful things you made for Melissa and for A+K!

MiraclesHappen said...

The stitching you are doing is beautiful! Do you really fill the whole hoop in with color? I have never seen that before.

janet clare said...

Hello and welcome melissa's mum!

your blog looks great. Thanks to you I have discovered a knitting shop in London that I had no idea existed (and I only live 45 minutes away!)

Meg said...

Hi Sally, I have been a "silent" fan of tiny happy forever. Finally I've got my own blog, and it is new like yours. I am very much looking forward to watching you grow! Can't wait to see your embroidery. Wish I could knit, sigh. I want to do everything I see that is beautiful. Nice to know I am not the only Nana in blogville. Meg Jewell, Dolly Dilettante

greenolive said...

Hi Tiny Happy's Mum! Welcome to blogland. I've had my blog for just over two months and I can tell you its so much fun. I like your term startitis – I think I suffer from it too.