Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sweet Pea Time

I am mad about sweet peas, they are my favourite flower. I love everything about them... the fragrance, colour, the delicate petals , the way they climb on everything, and they are so pretty in a vase.These aren't real of course, they are just in use until the real ones come along in a couple of months.
We spent some time today getting ready for planting the seeds.Tamsin came to visit with her girls, and made two beautiful frames.When she was younger she used to spend hours making the most wonderful floral wreaths out of bits and pieces she found in the garden. Each one was very different and would last for ages.

Today she cut some bamboo and passionfruit vines and worked her magic with her busy fingers.Now we just need the sun and Kings seeds, and I will soon be able to pick big bunches of my favourites.

These grandies were having a fun time as well.

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What a nice time you had!