Friday, September 14, 2007

Being Crafty

A new issue of knitty ( Fall 2007) has come out today, so go and have a peep if you are into knitting.I love the light and airy shawl named Muir, and there are some other innovative and "quick to knit up" designs there too.

Today we are unable to go outside, it is pouring down, but I am delighted.

Basil is not so pleased

On Wednesday afternoon I decided that I wasn't going to be missed if I took off for some solo time for a couple of days in my favorite place.

Did a little gardening yesterday but mainly I have been very crafty.This is my activities table:

and the rain has proven very fortuitous.

I shall head home this afternoon, refreshed and uplifted, all ready for the busy weekend.

Hoping you all have a lovely weekend and can spend some quiet time being crafty too.!




Your post seems so calm, i am reading it and wnating to run home myself for my crafty moments... can't wait for the weekend... As for the knitting magazine, well, i am quite frustrated because here good magazines are hard to run by:(

Have a great weekend


caireen said...

Basil! great name - he looks cute and like he'd like to be out chasing something! x

Alexander said...

Sounds and looks all very good !!!!
hope your having a fun weekend, i had a guitar lesson with tom yeaterday and learnt a really tough song by John Mayer, if u give me a ring ill play it for u (=