Saturday, September 22, 2007

Satisfying Saturday Afternoon

I had such a lovely afternoon.
The weather has been remarkable, more like Summer than Spring, and I thought I would wear a cotton top that I knitted last year. When I put it on I remembered why I hadn't worn it. The neck was too low and kept slipping off my shoulders and I felt a bit self conscious wearing it.
Anyway, while Ian was collecting my Mum and her wheelchair from the rest home , I was hunting around for oddments of the same yarn that I had made the top with.
Couldn't find the main colour but I found some more of the contrast and armed with a crochet hook, set to work to make it wearable for me!
We always do something with Eve on Saturdays, either she comes here or we take her on a mystery ride somewhere, and of course she loves shopping just like her daughter !

But today was so beautiful we sat on the deck chatting, and I finished my top with a crochet trim around the neckline and doing some short rows of crochet on the shoulders to give them some shaping.
Eve is back to her old self again, now that her arm is not so painful. Phew, such a relief to see her smiling and giggling again. Ian and I take her back to the bone clinic on Monday for another x-ray.

Billie is on hand to give her some TLC. He loves sitting on Mum's lap, and for a small puppy it's remarkable that he never fidgets with her. He will quite happily sit with her for hours, the little sweetie!



The top look great... and i am sure your mom was happy spending a quite time with you:) and that lovely puppy!

Kat said...

What an excellent idea for saving the cardigan! Looks great on you!

Sarah said...

Hi Sally - I am thrilled that you like your yarn and even more thrilled that it arrived safely - all the way to New Zealand. You are my very first shipment to NZ. How fun.

Have a lovely day,