Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creative Fibre Treat

I have just come home from having a a wonderful day with my friends from the Creative Fibre Group.
We started bright and early at 8am, boarded a bus and headed off to Picton, where the first stop was to meet a very talented weaver who lives down The Sounds. Peg Moorhouse has won many accolades over the years for her artistry in woven design and has won awards for her Wearable Arts as well. I was thrilled to meet her and to see her work and her very special loom. The most incredible and amazing thing is that she is constantly trying new mediums like paper and ribbon that she weaves into linen...such exotic colours and she is ninety years of age. Very, very inspiring !
This the view from Peg's house.

From there we drove to Blenheim where we had lunch with The Marlborough Creative Fibre Group and I purchased some beautiful Gotland and Alpaca carded fleece and some pale blue alpaca from Omaka Heights. This is a luxuriously soft roving and I intend spinning some very fine yarn and using it for lace knitting.

Then we hopped on our bus again and went to visit Rotocard. A home business, carding fleeces and I bought a little more Gotland (cause I really didn't have enough !) and then we went on to the Makana chocolate factory where we were given a wee taste.I thought I would buy Ian a little treat...chocolate covered cherries and some chocolate macadamia, delicious and quite decadent really.

On the way home I sat at the back of the bus with a real soul mate.We shared many stories and shared my ipod, an ear phone each. What a fantastic day.

I shall spend the evening spinning some Gotland fleece, bliss, bliss, bliss !


melissa said...

ooh, that sounds nice. i think i need to join your creative fibre group. looking forward to seeing the finished yarn you spin!


How wonderful:)

rhiannon said...

mmmm Chocolate covered cherries! yum! Sounds like you had a really awesome day.
I guess we can all only hope to be living somewhere as amazing as that, and still crafting and creating at ninety!
I'd love to find a crafty group around these parts!

Kimberlee + Lies said...

wow, still creative and kickin at 90, very impressive.
sounds like a lovely time.
does being on a bus sharing an ipod make you feel like a teenager again?


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