Thursday, September 6, 2007

A TV Viewing Day ?

A good start is needed for today. We are taking my Mum to buy a flat screen TV for her little room at the rest home where she lives. This might be challenging or nerve wracking or could be a certain success, we will see. She has phoned me three times in the last half hour and I think it is going to be a day of reassurances. All WILL be well !

I finished this last night, and if it fits him ( and wants to wear it ) I shall be very happy .

It looks a bit strange on the table doesn't it, hopefully A will LOVE it ?


Meg said...

Dear Sally Anne, Just happened to be sitting here when your post popped up. Happy circumstance! "A day of reassurances," indeed. I know, I know. My Mom is 87, God bless her, and reassurance is decidedly the operative word. I had a lovely, semi-exasperating summer with Mom; I constantly repeated the mantra,"All will be well." I am already a senior citizen and I hope my own children will go easy with me.

rhiannon said...

My Grandpa is just the same, occasionally he'll ring three times in a morning even if there is nothing 'different' happening. He'll ring because he's just 'thought of something'. and when something as big as buying a new tv happens then watch out! it's more like 11 times in one day! (Which actually happened once!). Hope the buying went well, and I'm sure A will love the sweater, and he'll look so adorable in it! It's awesome. x

Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh I saw pictures of arlo in the sweater on melissa's blog and *had* to come here right away and say well done. IT looks great on him and goes so well with his colouring.
hope the tv hunting went well.


luv Abby said...

Wow... I really like the knit for ur grandson.... goodluck with the TV buying...
luv Abby