Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Precious Palette

I must have known something very special was going to happen today, because I woke early and decided to go to the gym , so I could spend the rest of the day tackling this:

Yesterday I finished warping up and put the warp on the back beam all ready for threading the heddles today.I am using a different method this time...putting the warp on from back to front instead of front to back which is how I've done it before. So it is all a little bit scary and I feel somewhat unsure and slightly anxious about the whole procedure.I wish there was a visual tutorial somewhere, or even better someone standing alongside of me telling me the way to go. Instead I am relying on a couple of books written by seasoned weavers. We will see, I am sure it will all be OK.

Anyway , my mind was full of this when I arrived home from the gym and collected the post .

A parcel from Caireen from The Patchwork Dress was there in the mailbox waiting for me and imagine my excitement when I opened it to find all this treasure.!

My heart was racing, and I am sorry to say Caireen, that I mindlessly ate the fudge whilst unwrapping all these jewels.

While I had my shower ( a great place to think and decide momentous matters ) I thought I would like to do a series of pictures . Scottish landscapes and some of the Marlborough Sounds(which is so similar to Scotland and her lochs). Little scenic pictures in wool,with the colours of the hills and the water, and of course the beautiful heather and wildflowers. Caireen wrote a card with this wonderful gift and the dear little bird, and she talked about Willow. It reminded me of this little arbour made of Willow

I mght have to embroider one of these in the landscape too. I have done very little freehand embroidery, but I am sure once I start I will be totally hooked. My Aunt has always embroidered beautiful pictures from photos and paintings that she has admired. Joyce did this embroidery of our youngest daughter Sarah , jumping on the trampoline when she was six.

Yes, this beautiful palette of colour that Caireen has so generously given, gives me endless possibilities.

Thank you so much Caireen, you marvellous girl !


Kimberlee + Lies said...

what an exciting parcel. I hope you document your process, I can't wait to see how it goes. Good on you!


Meg said...

I wove a small table linen when I was a Girl Scout back in the 1950's. The loom was enormous and filled the whole room. Love to see a pic of you at your weaving station!

VictoriaE said...

I love that embroidered trampoline picture, gives me lots of new ideas - thankyou. (And it's nice that you are blogging!)

caireen said...

can't wait to see the pictures too! cx

Candyce said...

Whatr a very unique idea! I just love it. And a precious memory preserved.

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