Friday, September 21, 2007

Double Weave Delight

I bet you all thought this entry would be "Double Weave Disaster", or DW Dilemma or other such titles, and you know it very nearly was.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and the whole warp was unwound from the back beam twice before I was happy to proceed.

Then when it came time to actually start weaving the four different layers of warp, I somehow managed to get myself in quite a muddle. I just couldn't work out the combination I needed to separate the fabric on one side and keep it closed on the other.

Yesterday I went to a local weaving group meeting with a notebook and a mouth full of questions. There was one lady there who gave me confident concise answers to my questions and I asked her if she would mind if I took her phone number.

Guess who I was phoning at 9.30am. Caroline said "tell me your address and I can be with you in ten minutes ".......imagine that !!! What a guardian angel she was today.

She had me weaving DW in ten minutes flat. I was estatic !

Look at my two little helpers.

Melissa, A and K came for dinner tonight, so I had to take them out to my workroom to show off my new skill.

I did discover quite a huge mistake this afternoon though. I totally miscalculated the width measurement with the warp ends, so the finished measurement isn't going to be as wide as I wanted. I rang Sarah ( youngest daughter and the recipient ) and told her it was going to be the size of a wrap / throw instead of a bed covering !!!!! She replied that she didn't mind at all and would LOVE it no matter what the size...see haven't I got gorgeous daughters ?

So I am feeling very happy tonight.

Yesterday afternoon I went to visit Tamsin (2nd daughter ) and her family.She wanted to learn how to spin, so I went armed with my spinning wheel and lots of carded fleece and we had a great afternoon. She was getting into the rhythm of it when I left, I think it must be in the genes .

I couldn't resist posting this picture of a beautiful giraffe that her daughter gave me. Esmae is five and has just started school. She is the eldest of our grandies and loves painting and drawing.

Isn't it cute ?


Claudia said...

You certainly have a wonderfully creative and artistic family - it must be your good influence!

Meg said...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Oh my gosh, thanks for the picture of your loom! Incredible, wow! Well, if you can read music (I can't) I am convinced you can do anything. I have read books about threading those machines and girl you have to be a rocket scientist. Keep up the good work.


uau! you weave????